New Hampshire Ghosts         

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    The Beal House Inn, Littleton

The Beal House Inn was built in 1833 and is located in the heart of the White Mountains.  The inn was recently bought and renovated by a new owner, Bill Sanders.  The restaurant is the primary business of the Inn, but rooms are available for guests to stay in.  Over the years reports of paranormal activity include slamming doors and footsteps at night on the stairs.  Mr. Sanders was nice enough to write to me and relate the following:

"I have kept quite a few of the staff who were here and they tell me that [the previous owner] Mrs. Keller said she often saw pillows floating above the furniture and things of that nature. She even reported having conversations with whatever it was that was doing this. The staff tell me she was very much a no nonsense type of woman and that she relayed these experiences very matter of factly.

One of the staff members says that she and another waitress were fetching supplies and had unlocked a door in the upper hallway, as she pushed the door open, something shoved it back with great force. Other staff members say they feel uncomfortable in this hallway and several overnite guests who I have allowed to explore the Inn a little have mentioned this hallway (without knowing of any stories prior) as a place where they "felt something" or that it made them feel "weird". The same woman who had the experience with the door also refused to go into the basement alone. She reported seeing dark shapes and shadows moving just at the edge of the lighted area.

We have had several overnite guests at the Inn complain of noises and voices late at night in the room above them. In each case I knew that I had not rented the rooms out and on investigating I always found the rooms were empty and locked.

The staff often complains of things disappearing from they place they were left, only to turn up again somewhere completely different in a day or two. Some of the staff simply won't go certain places in the Inn (the upper hallway, basement) and will send someone else. One staff member was on the job less that a week when he came to me and said he was quitting because he could not stand to be in the building and frankly did not understand how any of us could stand it."


The inn offers 3 suites, and 4 guest rooms.  It is near many ski areas and Cannon Mt., Loon Mt. and  Breeton Woods are all within 10-30 minutes away. The rates range from $99 - $159 depending on the room and time of week and year. No children under 12, and one suite can take pets under 30 lbs. at a nightly charge. There is a full restaurant at the inn.  Events can be hosted at the Inn or catered off-site. The Beal House is at 2 W. Main St., Littleton NH.  Phone: 603-444-2661.

 The Tilton Inn, Tilton  (formerly the 1875 Inn)

Innkeeper Joanna Oliver was putting the finishing touches on her new acquisition in  2001 when a woman stopped by and talked about the inn's history.  Distracted, Joanna paid minimal attention to the stories, one of which was about a girl named Laura.  She died in a fire in the building when it was a rooming house in the 19th century.  Laura was only 12 when she died. But Oliver remembered this conversation months later when a guest told her that she had seen a young girl sitting on her bed in the Samuel Sanborn room.  There were no young girls at the Inn at the time.  About a year later another guest was staying in the Mary Baker Eddy room which is close to the Samuel Sanborn room, and told Joanna that he witnessed a young girl leaving his room and she just disappeared.  A motorcyclist staying at the Inn during the major annual NH event Bike Week in 2006 said he saw a teenage girl in his room.  She then disappeared but in the hallway he saw her again. 

In the summer of 2007 a woman was startled to see a young girl in her room when she came out of the shower.  The thermostats in the rooms closest to the street are often inexplicably turned down from where the guests had set them. Located in the Lakes and White Mountains area of NH  the inn contains the Onions Pub & Restaurant,  and has 10 guest rooms.  Rates range from $100-150, the inn is a non-smoking area, and is pet friendly.  The Tilton Inn is at 255 Main St., Tilton, NH   (603) 286-7774.


   The Windham Restaurant, Windham  

Originally built around 1812 and lived in for several generations by the Dinsmore family, this building was once the Riviera and is now the Windham Restaurant.  Wait staff, particularly blond women, have had their hair or jewelry played with - at times necklaces would suddenly come undone and fall off for no reason. Arriving to work in the morning sometimes the chairs and table settings would be moved from how they were left the night before.  When a seasonal display of boxes wrapped like Christmas gifts had been created the staff often found them rearranged - once in a tower, and once in a horizontal line wedged between two hallway walls several feet off the ground. Reportedly the apparition of a boy has been seen in the second floor wait station and one of a girl and also a man in a blue suit have been sighted in the restaurant. Dishes have flown off shelves in the kitchen to break and glasses have been shattered on the floor in the bar. Lula and Vess Liakas now own and run the restaurant which  is at 59 Range Road, Windham, NH    Phone: (603) 870-9270


     The Hotel Portsmouth, Portsmouth (formerly the Sise Inn)

 Built in 1881, the Inn is a three story Queen Anne mansion.   In 1986 it was turned into an inn.  Most of the mysterious events happen around Suite 214.  The ice machine seems to fascinate the ghost(s) and ice cubes are thrown. One time a maid found a trail of ice cubes leading to a pile of them in Room 214. There were no guests staying on that floor at the time. The doors in that area often lock and unlock without human involvement. Many maids have felt cold spots in various rooms, and have had trouble with door locks that had worked fine until then. An elevator operates by itself, and a rocking chair in the lobby has been seen rocking with no one in it.  Set in the historic section of Portsmouth on the New England seacoast, the hotel is about an hour north of Boston.  Formerly the Sise Inn, after a 6 month total renovation the establishment re-opened in Spring 2014 as The Hotel Portsmouth. There are 32 guest rooms and small functions can be accommodated. A light continental breakfast is included.  Pets are allowed in select rooms.  The Hotel is at 40 Court St., Portsmouth NH. Phone: 603-433-1200

Three Chimneys Inn, Durham

The oldest part of this inn was built in 1649 by a gentleman named Valentine Hill.  He had also built the sawmill and gristmill in town. Fifty years later Valentine's son Nathaniel added onto the single story house making it a three story colonial. Two of the dining rooms, The Maples and The Coppers are in this section.  Valentine Hill had a daughter, Hannah, who records say was married in 1659 around age twenty, but then there is no further mention of her.  It is believed that she drowned in the nearby Oyster River and that her spirit is in the Inn. Karen Meyer, the current Innkeeper, started at the Three Chimneys Inn as the food manager in 2000.  One night while working alone she checked on the Coppers dining room. The music suddenly turned on, the air got a heavy feel to it, and she felt a hand on her shoulder - understandably she ran out of the room and left for the night!  Electrical equipment frequently doesn't work or behaves oddly and doors will lock by themselves. One employee saw a male spirit appear, then fade away in the food and beverage office.

Several years ago Karen Meyer and a server were delivering some plates to a table when an empty glass  on one of the empty tables rose about 6 inches above the table then dropped, hitting the edge and smashing on the floor. This was witnessed by a dozen patrons as well as Meyer and the other server. The executive chef has heard heavy footsteps while he was closing up, but wasn't able to find anyone and the doors were all locked. A former Chef was heading up the stairs from the tavern when a movement caught his eye.  He turned and looked over the banister and saw a woman matching Hannah's description behind the bar returning his look.

Guests and staff have seen Hannah's shadow, face or clothing. Some guests have commented on the noise during the night of footsteps and furniture being moved above their room, but it will turn out that there was no one staying on the floor above. The Inn contains the ffrost Sawyer Tavern as well as two other dining rooms and a seasonal outdoor dining area. There are 23 guest rooms, all with its own private bath.  A full country breakfast in included.  The Three Chimneys Inn is at 17 Newmarket Road, Durham, New Hampshire 03824   Phone:  603-868-7800 or 1-888-399-9777.