Massachusetts Ghosts  
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  The Porter-Phelps-Huntington House, Hadley

Built in 1752, This historic home has so many names because it was passed down through the female line of heirs.  The original owner, Elizabeth Porter, lost her husband in the French-Indian wars only a few years after he built the house.  When lived in as a private residence, children would report a nice lady tucking them in at night.  Unexplained footsteps  are heard in the hallways and on the stairs leading to the attic.  Apparitions have been seen, including one of a child - it is unknown who this young spirit might be. Doors are unlatched and opened by themselves.  The house is open for tours from May through October.  Specific hours and fees can be viewed at their website.  In June and July they host Folk Traditions concerts on Wed. evenings.  130 River Drive, Hadley   413- 584-4699

 Beechwood Inn, Barnstable, Cape Cod     

If you catch a glimpse of an old lady in a long white gown who shouldn’t be there at the Beechwood Inn, you won’t be the first.  Former innkeepers, Ken and Debbie Traugot, have had their own experiences with the woman who haunts their inn.  In an article in the Barnstable Patriot they described their encounters.  Ken was outside the house when he saw a woman inside.  He entered, thinking it might be a new guest only to find the house empty. After returning outside, he once again saw the lady in a white gown, only in a different room.  During his second exploration there was still no one else inside. Ken’s wife Debbie clearly heard a woman’s voice wish her “Good morning,” while she was making a bed in an unoccupied room.  Guests in that room have reported seeing apparitions.  Mostly though, the unidentified woman keeps herself entertained by pulling little pranks such as moving tools, loosening light bulbs or closing deadbolts on room doors from the inside while empty.  The Beechwood Inn is an old Victorian house on Rte. 6A in Barnstable on Cape Cod.  It has 6 rooms, all with queen or king beds, 3 with fireplaces and all with private bath. There is a 2 night minimum stay on weekends.   A full Breakfast is included in the room charge. No pets, no children under 12, and it is non-smoking. Julie Garvey and Joseph Durham are the current innkeepers.  Note: There is a harsh cancellation policy you should review before booking. For more info or reservations call:  800-609-6618.

    The Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, Fall River

Who needs reminding what Lizzie did to her parents in their Fall River MA home? Believe it or not, the house is now open as a B&B. You can even stay in the Andrew & Abbey Borden Suite, or in the John Morse room where Abby (Lizzie's stepmother) was murdered. The house is said to be haunted. Martha McGinn and Ron Evans renovated the house. According to them, there are doors that open or close by themselves, and the lights will go on and off by themselves. I spoke with Mrs. McGinn, who was quite gracious and open about their ghost(s). Martha's grandparents had lived in the house for decades, so being in the house is not new for her. She told me that there are footsteps, mostly at night, always sounding like they are on the floor above you. During the renovations, a friend of Martha's and a relative of Ron's were working in the kitchen. They heard furniture being moved around upstairs, and thought maybe one of the other helpers had come in. They looked through the house, but no one else was there.
The Lizzie Borden House is on Second Street in Fall River, MA. Fall River is in the southeastern part of the state, between Cape Cod and Rhode Island. Lee-Anne Wilber is the owner/manager. No smoking is allowed, and children under 12 are not allowed to stay the night. Tours are done on the hour from 11am-3pm daily. Room rates range from $200-$250 per night depending on the room.  Note:  With the exception of two of the rooms, all guest rooms must remain available to be entered during the tours.   Phone:(508)675-7333

    The Old Yarmouth Inn, Yarmouthport, Cape Cod

Located on Route 6A in Yarmouthport is a lovely large white colonial inn built in 1696.  At that time it served as a stopping point for travelers that was conveniently located halfway between Plymouth and Provincetown.  Current innkeepers Sheila Fitzgerald and Arpad Voros seem to take their resident spirit(s) in stride. The ghost makes itself apparent in indirect ways most of the time, however, there has been at least one sighting.  In 1999 a guest in the Quisset Harbor room awoke to see a gentleman in 19th century clothing standing at the foot of his bed.  As the guest returned the spirit's puzzled gaze, the apparition faded away.   Sheila has written, "Arpad and I have never seen the ghost. We have felt cold drafts that cannot be explained.  These are usually followed by bizarre reactions from Comet, our dog. On numerous occasions I have returned from a tour of turning off the lights in the various dining rooms to find all the lights back on again.  There have been ashtrays that have slid down the bar and then tossed into the air....  Our bartender has had to hold glasses that slide all over the bar as she tries to pour drinks.  One woman, who guffawed at the idea of a ghost, was soon a believer when the air conditioner cover fell off and defied gravity as it traveled 10 feet to graze the tip of her head....Most recently the wait staff has begun hearing their names being whispered by an unknown source."   Sheila and Arpad do not know who haunts the inn, but view he/she as mischievous but harmless.  The inn seems to be only a high-end restaurant and tavern now, not offering any rooms for lodging. It is available for events and of course for dining, open for lunch Tues.-Sat. and dinner every night. It is located at 223 Rte. 6A, Yarmouthport, MA   phone:  (508)362-9962

   Stone's Public House, Ashland

This inn was built in 1823 by John Stone to be operated as an inn. It is currently a restaurant and bar. In the mid '70s the inn came under new ownership and the staff at that time would arrive in the mornings to find doors and windows wide open despite having been locked the night before. Objects would be moved around, but nothing was ever taken. In 1984 a seance was held, and a Boston area psychic identified three spirits: John Stone, a traveler killed by Stone after accusing him of cheating at cards, and a little girl who was hit by a truck in front of the tavern. In recent years typical ghostly behavior is described as glasses breaking while in someone's hand, lights going back on after the place has been locked up for the night, and staff have felt like someone is grabbing their ankles as they go down the open-baked basement stairs. Stone's Public House is at 179 Main St., in Ashland which is about 20 miles west of Boston.  It is closed on Mondays. 508-881-1778